Meowcoin has a devoted group of managing partners and advisors. Our goals are to develop Meowcoin, LLC to connect stablecoins on multiple blockchains, raise money for animal charities, and allow people to earn & use cryptocurrency easily.

Managing Partners


Steve Polgar - Chief Executive Director

  • Created his high school’s first webpage at age 14.
  • Founded an all-volunteer educational charity as a college freshman.
  • Received the President’s Student Volunteer Service Award from George W. Bush.
  • Former Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley.
  • The youngest recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from Barack Obama.
  • Former candidate for New York State Assembly.
  • Received an Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business.

Outside Counsel

The Law Office of Pascual & Pascual

  • The Firm has experience in banking, cryptocurrency, compliance, securities law, technology, and political law. 
  • Before starting the Firm, the Partners were financial crimes compliance officers in the private sector and acted as a liaison between the private sector and federal law enforcement to investigate major high profile crimes in the American banking system and offshore financial centers. 
  • The Partners were previously with J.P Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Signature Bank, and other major financial companies.
  • The Partners have experience conducting administrative hearings and investigations, the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Patriot Act and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).
  • The Partners are licensed to practice law in New York and maintain and hold an Anti-Money Laundering Certification (ACAMS).
  • The Firm has helped clients with project work in creating and minting cryptocurrency and helped their client establish relationships with Gemini, one of the largest crypto platforms.



Meowcoin is working with CEOs and other experienced professionals in technology, finance, cryptocurrency, social media, and other industries.


The official list of Advisors is still growing and will be announced shortly.